Private training during COVID-19 can be performed either virtually in-home or outside with the proper safety precautions. 

I have had surprising success with virtual sessions. 

* 30-minute sessions are best for individuals with existing movement education, cues, and a clearly defined goal. Log in, apply your education, and get after it.

* 60-minute sessions allow clients to build a movement education and get a gnarly workout. These sessions can be used for both prehab/ rehab, and postural remodeling, as well as training. 

Private Session 60-minutes (Virtual or In-Home) 

  • $150 per session (1x/week)

  • $125 per session (2x/week)

  • $100 per session (3x/week)

30 Minute (Virtual or In-Home)

  • $80 per session(1x/week)

  • $60 per session  (2x week)

  • $50 per session (3x/week) 

Special note: Clients with existing education have been testing the service, no one has missed a beat.

Let's GTF after it.