Get to know the Group Training Program

The Group Training Program is designed to help you achieve three major goals - postural modification, pain management and general physical preparedness - all while balancing the demands of your busy schedule.

The program is centered around the idea that you don’t need to work out for several hours a day in order to be in the best shape of your life. While the group training program requires hard work to be effective, it also maximizes the profit of your work--meaning you spend less time getting better results. We do this by:

  • Utilizing integrated movements that efficiently provide a consistent variance of stress on the body - resulting in steady, well-rounded growth.

  • Overlapping class variables (e.g. mobility & strength) to accelerate your body’s ability to learn and adapt.

We’ve split our program into three variables--all are necessary to achieve athletic movement, while improving your posture and avoiding pain. They are explained below:

  • Mobility + Strength

  • Bodyweight Strength

  • HIIT/Power

Mobility + Strength

Mobility + Strength is the anchor of our group training program. Why? Because mobility and strength are the foundation to healthy & sustainable movement. If you neglect to maintain the space available for movement within your body, you will inevitably lose that space - resulting in stiff joints and muscles that cannot operate efficiently. We see this all the time with older individuals who have lost their ability to move through a full range of motion. This facet of the program delays this eventual loss of function and lays the groundwork for healthy movement.

Bring your body back into balance on Monday and Tuesdays with Mobility + Strength. It is best utilized to reduce inflammation, lubricate joints, and mentally prepare for absorbing the impact of your week’s worth of stress.

Bodyweight Strength

Bodyweight Strength is at the heart of our program - where practice makes permanent. This class bridges the gap between mobility + stability and explosive athletic performance. Athletic performance without strength is injury prone. Strength without mobility + stability is tight and imbalanced.

While most strength programs are designed to measure the amount of power produced in a single movement (aka how much weight you can lift in a single repetition), we define strength as our ability to withstand adverse conditions over time, mentally and physically. This requires a supple and flexible infrastructure that will stand up to the challenge of your environment.

Bodyweight Strength classes are offered on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

HIIT / Power

The third and final variable is for challenging your successes and failures from the previous two classes against explosive, high intensity movements. These movements are athletic, flowing patterns that force your nervous system to adapt quickly, requiring the skills you developed in private training and education sessions to set in sooner. Of course, in order for our bodies to accept this impact with a reduced injury risk, we need the space (M+S) and infrastructure (BWS) from a well balanced week.

Use your Thursdays and Fridays for intelligently expressing your movement at its highest capacity. Then, assess both your physical and mental needs as your patterns approach failure. (You do not need to be able to complete this class without stopping. You just need the ability to customize it to your specifications! While all movement patterns must be pushed to capacity if you want them to stick, this level will be different for everyone and can be modified accordingly).

These three classes are designed to give you a jump start on organizing your week while leading you through mastering the foundations of movement. The more space we create intentionally, the more potential we have to withstand adversity. The more confidence we have to stand up to adversity, the more we welcome change.


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